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"Super Senior Year" pros and cons

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I know I've posted on this before, but I need to figure out my plan


DS's education has been quite disrupted by health issues. He's missed a lot of school, and has some pretty low grades and missing credits.  For example, he didn't manage to earn a math credit at all in 10th, and only got 1/2 a credit for 1/2 speed Algebra 2 (so basically 1/4 of Algebra 2) in 11th.  He also has attempted 2 foreign languages, and while he passed the first year of both, he wasn't well enough prepared to go on to year 2.


This year, I pulled him out and he's technically a homeschooler, although he's taking a mix of online and DE classes.  We've finally found the right combination of interventions (medications, surgery, allergy shots, therapy, lifestyle changes) and he's doing well healthwise, but we anticipate that stamina will continue to be an issue.


Our plan is that he'll take another year at the CC with the goal of moving to a 4 year school in 2018, and spending 4 years there, using his CC courses to take a reduced course load.  


Our umbrella school is happy to graduate this year, which would mean he'd enroll as a college student at the CC, and then apply as a transfer.  They're equally happy for me to declare that he's not ready to graduate, because he hasn't met some requirement of mine, likely Algebra 2, and to have him spend another year in DE.  In that case he'd apply as a "first year freshman" with a lot of DE credits.  


Can someone help me think through the pros and cons?


I should add that since he was enrolled in 9th and 11th grade in the public school, and has transcripts that reflect that fact, I can't simply "rebrand" 10th as 9th, etc . . .

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Is there a particular 4-year college he is considering?  If so, I would check and see what their admissions requirements are.  If he had some missing and low high school grades, it might be to his advantage to graduate now, attend CC, and then apply as a transfer.  His CC record, rather than his high school transcript, would then be what was relevant for admissions. 

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