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How can I access the smileys from my iPad?


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My PC is currently dead awaiting my attention to repair it, so I have been posting from my iPad Air 2. It works fine, but for some reason the smileys do not appear to be available like they are on the PC.


I miss the smileys since I am addicted to them. Can someone please tell me how to access them from Safari on the iPad? TIA!

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I can't do it on the iPad or iPhone, the interface doesn't give me the option. So I either have to remember the smiley code I'm trying to use for this particular board or bookmark the page that has them all listed. I have it for other forums but I don't think I ever found the one for WTM.


This has been a problem for multiple years on here, unfortunately :(

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Not sure this will help, but from my ipad the emoticons are on the keyboard pop up, bottom left, next to the .?123 button.

Thanks! Here are some test smileys from the iPad keyboard:


📠🎃 📱ðŸðŸ”žðŸŒ€ðŸ˜œðŸ‘»ðŸ‘„


Those look like what I picked when I preview. What do they look like on other devices?


As onelittlemonkey says, the ever-important animated smileys are not there... ☹ï¸

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Twigs, you have a smiley failure...


Let me try it: :smilielol5:


Thanks, RegGuheert!


Could you clarify what the code is for that smiley?


I think I had problems with

1 vs l (one vs ell)


o vs O vs 0 (lowercase oh vs uppercase oh vs zero)


I just love that smiley  :smilielol5:  :smilielol5:  :smilielol5:  :smilielol5:  :smilielol5: so I'll use it now while I'm at a keyboard.

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