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Have you played The Game Card Game? Tell me more ....


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Have you played The Game Card Game?  Did you enjoy it?  If yes, what other games do you like?  Is it similar to other games you've played?  I've only seen The Game, but it reminds me a bit of Qwixx - A Fast Family Dice Game.


I'm thinking of adding The Game to my holiday wish list but would love some feedback.


Feel free to share other (newish) games that you've discovered.


Games that I enjoy include Bananagrams, Love Letter, Clue, Wise and Otherwise, Fluxx, and SET among others.




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I haven't seen that one before, but we're big game nerds here.


Some of our favourites:


- Ticket to Ride (and all the various expansions)


- Power Grid (+ expansions)


- Pandemic (cooperative)


- Absolute Balderdash (word/writing game)


- 10 Days in Africa, 10 Days in Asia etc. These are getting harder to find, unfortunately.


- Shadows over Camelot (cooperative)


- Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert (cooperative)

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