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My Major Christmas Shopping is DONE -- and a message on shopping locally...


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DH had surgery a week ago that I was concerned about, so I was nearly done. Now I am truly DONE other than treats in their stockings and mailing pictures to family. DH also gave me a list of what to buy myself from him, and that's done too.


The last purchase was today at a local independent archery shop. And EVERYTHING I purchased there was cheaper than online, even with Amazon Prime. So it pays to check locally. I actually called them before Thanksgiving to check my list, but everything was 10% off Friday and Saturday, and I was in that area anyway.


Tomorrow I want to go by the quilt store to get some fabric for a project when they have their "Small Business Saturday" sale, and we'll put up the tree.

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My quilt store opened at 6 this morning with 30% off for the first hour. I rolled out of bed, put my hair in a pony tail, and bought fabric for 15 pillowcases for the neighbors. There was a line at the door at 6am. People are serious about their fabric.


I'd be up for that one! Mine is closed today and is opening tomorrow at 9am with the best sales from 9-10am. So I can sleep in a little more...

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