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I am sick


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I woke up with a full sinus something or other.


Between work stresses, the car buying (left home at 6am, got home at 11pm), and then Thanksgiving, I just had had a lot of go-go-go.


My body is saying STOP!


You know I haven't even driven my new car yet?  DH wanted to drive it back from the beach (3.5 hours) and then yesterday we needed the SUV to carry the whole family and the food.


The good news is that I CAN clear my days for today and the weekend and I think I might do just that.


Off for more Vitamin C and Elderberry syrup!,



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Sorry you're sick. Dh has been working a lot the last few weeks so I've been stressed and dealing with nearly all the household stuff. Apparently my body is now saying f that because I woke up feeling awful yestersay. So much for enjoying dh's first 4 days off in ages. I'll be in bed until monday morning I'm sure of it.


Hope you feel better soon

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I feel you Dawn! I had a nasty cold that got worse through yesterday and couldn't even taste all the food I cooked. I feel so cheated. NyQuil isn't touching it either.


Please get some good rest over this weekend sobyour body can heal. My butt has been in bed all day and it certainly hasn't made things worse.

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