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Dr Hive Help...rash in 1.5yr old after 2 vaccines


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My nephew was mildly sick (Diarrhea type thing ) on Monday. On Tuesday he had a well child check where they administered a flu vaccine and chickenpox vaccine. Yesterday (Wed) he developed what my sil thought were hives. She called doc and they said it was too late after to be an allergic reaction but to give benadryl. Today, it looks likes an almost colorless-very light rash that is raised and only on the trunk. 


Has anyone else seen something like this? From what I understand, if it is a breakthrough varicella rash that it would not occur til a week later. SO if not that then what is it. 


Dh has never had chickenpox, should he avoid nephew today?

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I don't have advice, just wanted to say I am sorry. FWIW, doctor's staff will NEVER admit to a vaccine reaction, so their advice is sketchy.


This is not true. My ds had a vaccine reaction which was thoroughly investigated by both his primary & the public health officer. 



op - this sounds like hives more than varicella breakthrough. I'm seeing 5-26 days for varicella to cause rash & present as 2-5 lesions, not an overall on trunk presentation.  



I'd probably take child to walk in clinic or at the very least, photograph the rash for follow up with docs next week.  Of course the child could be coming down a completely unrelated illness. 



It's hard to estimate risk to your dh. The vaccine is attenuated so should not be a problem for him. He's more at risk from catching chicken pox from unvaccinated kids in the general population imo. 

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Thank you everybody. I saw him (the rash on him) in person for the first time. Before today all I had were descriptions from sil and my mom. I think it looks like the kind of viral rash that dd got a lot when she was younger. It was very mild, but he was definitely not feeling well because he was one cranky baby for most of the evening.


No fever, but he didn't have an appetite either. They said they were calling the doc again tomorrow for follow up.




ETA: I saw the rash for the first time in person. I see him all the time  :tongue_smilie:

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My son got chicken pox from a child that had been recently vaccinated for it.  That one will shed for about 21 days.  My son wasn't even in that close of contact with this boy.  They were both at AWANA.  The vaccinated one was around 4 years old and my son was 10.  The boys brothers ended up with chicken pox too.  We had no idea at first where our son had gotten cp, but the boy's brother and our son missed AWANA the following week due to cp.  Mom confirmed that the youngest had been recently vaccinated.  


If your husband hasn't had cp, I'd stay away.  But, I probably saw this too late to answer your question.

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Me too! I was horrified.



I always found rashes to be scarier than other sick symptoms too. I guess because of the highly visible nature. Dd seemed to get a rash at the drop of a hat. She was in the hospital for MRSA treatment at 2yrs old and she actually had 2 separate rashes at the same time. The hospital had 3 different specialties parade through in order to identify them. One was just a contact dermatitis and the other was med related. It had never occurred to me that you could have more than one rash at a time.  :lol: Those were fun days... :rolleyes:  :tongue_smilie:



As far as my nephew's rash goes...The way my mom initially described it, I was thinking more like pox , but this was much more like fine raised bumps, almost no color to it and closely spaced-not scattered. I'm glad that it is more likely viral and not vaccine related. Though, I wish they had postponed the vaccines til next week when he would have been past the stomach bug.

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