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Pumpkin pie crust. Prebake or not? Update #1


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I have not baked a pumpkin pie in decades. I read recipes both ways.


Somebody weigh in here and help me out.



I prebaked it for 10 mins and then added filling. Baked it for additional 45 mins. It was perfect and delicious.

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I'll prebake a pie shell if eh pie has a quick cooking time or a really thick pie dish, but pumpkin cooks long and unless you're using a very heavy stonewear or glass pan it would probably just burn it rather than help.

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I found chef Mario's recipe. He prevailed gor 12 mi s, adding filling and then baker for 45 mins. Not a total blind bake .

Thanks everyone .

Interesting. If anything I wish I could cook the filling a bit on its own and reduce the cooking time of the pie shells so it doesn't need to be ringed in foil. Edited by LucyStoner
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Seems I read about pre-baking the filling some, so if you are thinking of doing the crust, you might try cooking the filling on the stovetop some, too.


Found it. R. L. Beranbaum, in The Pie and Pastry Bible, cooks the pumpkin, sugar, spices and salt until thick and shiny, then processes it with the dairy, eggs, and vanilla. She doesn't prebake the crust, but does sprinkle it with crushed gingersnaps and pecans.


While looking for that, I discovered that America's Test Kitchen prebakes the crust and the filling.


Just what you wanted, I'm sure. Even more options!


ETA apparently noone in the spell check world "prebakes".

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