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How to post a AP course syllabus to CB? (Was: AP course syllabus for US Govt - using Thinkwell?)

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I've never submitted a syllabus to the College Board for AP approval. I really don't know the process. But I figure I can figure it out going to the CB site which I've poked around a little bit. I see I have until 1/31 to submit my course for this year - as we're just starting it now, it seemed a good idea.


While we could just do US Govt w/ AP exam on the transcript - I figure I may as well try to get approval for the syllabus to call it AP US Govt on the transcript for weighting purposes. If it's not too hard a process...


My question is - we plan to use Thinkwell for their AP US Govt course. Can that be my basis for submitting my own AP course syllabus? What else do I need to know? Anybody have any suggestions?



**ETA - changed the topic to better explain what I'm looking for. How do you submit a course syllabus in general? Can I base it on the online Thinkwell course? What else would I need?

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If you search the archives Sebastian (a lady) wrote a very detailed and helpful guide to submitting a syllabus on CB. I

Used it and it was very well helpful.

You need to look up the guidelines and see if the text you are using is on their approved list. You can also look at the sample syllabi that they have and model yours to follow that. Sometimes they may reject the first syllabus that you submit and you have up to 3 tries to submit and have it approved. Good luck.

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