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opinions on Dr. Wile's Discovering Design with Chemistry vs. Apologia new 3rd ed. Chemistry

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Hi. I am  considering using this book for next year's chemistry.  Since the Apologia reviews I am seeing show a lot of math mistakes in the new Apologia 3rd edition chemistry, I am looking at Dr. Wile's  new  Chemistry book.




One drawback to his new book is that there is not a DVD option to add extra clarity to the teaching . Apologia has the DVD option, but the book does not appear to yet be corrected.



Is anyone using either of these books?

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Dr Wile reviewed the 3rd Apologia edition so poorly that he decided to write Discovering Design in response. (not sour grapes either, I don't think, he reviewed their redo of his advanced biology favorably) My SIL used Wile's DD last year and both she and my niece loved it. I would have used it if I didn't already have the 2nd edition on my shelf. I definitely would go with something with Dr Wile's name on it over Apologia without.


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I read Dr. Wile's review too. That is why I am leaning towards his course.  IWe like his clear explanations and conversational tone. Momto5, Thanks for your perspective. I am thinking the same thing. Since I did not major in science in college, I want to make sure the course we pick is one without lots of math errors. I just have to gear up to having to re-learn chemistry with my daughter. I am already doing this with some of her harder courses this year.


I am thinking of doing the Chemistry 101 DVD with my younger children - getting a head start on it during the summer. Reviewing that will hopefully help me be ready to go through Dr. Wile's book with my oldest.

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