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Comics for young boys


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I'm looking for comics that would be appropriate for a 10 year old boy. They don't necessarily have to be Marvel or DC comics. Looking for ones that don't have women that are half dressed and subject matter scaled down to fighting and "superhero business" as opposed to more mature content.



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If you just want the format, not necessarily the episodic publication schedule of comics, there are a lot of great graphic novels. I like to just look up what my kids are interested in atm + graphic novel to find things.


For example, The Avatar + graphic novel== this (and a GRIP more)

Science + GN== Max Axiom.  or this one about some scientists. or this whole series.


Neil Gaiman has GNs!!


A tonne of books have been re-imagined as GNs, too! Here is a Wrinkle In Time.

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There are kids series for most of the major superhero series. They used to be the "Adventures" line for Marvel (when I taught PS, I got reading copies from a local comic store to use as incentives for my kids). A comic book store should be able to point you in that direction. Superhero Girls is one, but it may be too "girly".


Would he enjoy Plants vs Zombies? They have a nice graphic novel line that would be age appropriate.

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