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istation reading- xposted

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DDs preschool (public preschool in an elementary school) sent home a letter saying that dd is using istation reading at school and gave us her login credentials so that she can use it at home. I logged on, but haven't had a chance to poke around it yet.


Is anyone familiar with this program? It seems to have some phonics concepts being taught. We're currently a little over halfway through OPGTR and I'd probably let dd use the istation app during her free screen time. Normally she plays teach your monster to read or math games, but it would be nice to have something she's using at school as well.

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It's a decent supplement. I use it at school with my students and my kids have accounts through their school. I have yet to determine if it's as good as other resources like Reading Eggs. It seems very repetitive.

We don't have Reading eggs and dd tends to use Teach your Monster to read or Reading Raven 2


Is istation phonics based? It seems so on the website.


She hasn't used it yet. I go to the Parents portal and it seems like she hasn't touched it in class. Which is fine with me. We do Reading daily at home and I don't care if she gets it In preschool.


Did you use the iPad app? I'm trying to figure out how to get it to stop logging her out whenever she exits the game. Her login info is generic and not easy for her to remember

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