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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Looked after little girl next door form 5:30 am 'till 7:30 pm. A flat out day. twin 1's behaviour accelerates when we have visitors. He got pretty hyped up. the only damage was a smashed in fly-screen door.  :cursing:  :glare:  :cursing: . That was because my attention and supervision slipped for a few moments while I was on the phone with Hospital finding out that my Nan was getting sent back to her house for dd16 to look after and I was contacting dd to let her know that they had popped Nan's hip back in and were sending her home.



No housework done. Ds 12 only got part of his schoolwork done. A pretty unproductive day

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Sorry about your day, Melissa in Australia!  



Study for Latin exam


wake kids/feed everyone oatmeal

Off to field trip about St. Thomas More (relics, history)

Mass at National Basilca at noon

home again (lunch on the way home?)

dd 15 should try to finish up algebra homework

dd 15 to math tutor (I go shopping while waiting)

ds 17 had someone coming over to teach him music theory/sight reading

ds 17 grab quick dinner

ds 17 has first day on the job at winter lights event at nearby park

Get ready for solidarity party meeting (I am hosting)

meeting (6:30 - 9:30


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Good morning!

Take kids to tutorial.
Roast a chx.
Walk the dog.  Skipping this since the kids are wearing him out just playing in the yard. 

Early supper.
Out to see a play.


Dinner - Shrimp fried "rice". Cauliflower rice from TJ's. Not sure how this will turn out.


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Good morning! Snow yesterday, it is cold, but very pretty. It will only last through the day, though as the temperature heads back up. Fairly busy day here.


To do:

dd2 out the door (two tests today)

ds2-some school work and finish packing

ds3 up and lots of school

take ds2 to airport

home to chores, some shoveling if sun didn't get to it

read a little, quilt if time

PM practice hs swim/ds3 swim/dd2 club swim

dh gets in later


have a great day!

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I got a good start this morning (ie, I didn't go back to bed to read after taking the kids to school) so that's good!  


Friday To Do:

tidy up

kitchen clean up

bake banana bread

fold all of the clothes

put away clothes

tidy up my room/closet

to the mall to find shoes for dh

to walmart to return ds' pants and buy the right size

and pick up a few groceries

and fleece for neck gators

to scheels for wool socks

find a certain t-shirt for event tonight

email out meeting agenda


make sure kids bring home violins

deliver dd to babysitting gig

attend event and try to look good doing it even though I don't want to go


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It's gorgeous here, and DH suggested I have all the windows open.

I opened the kitchen window and waited for an hour for the cleaning fairy to fly in and clean my kitchen.


She never showed up, so,I cleaned it. Floor,is still sticky. I wonder if she'll show up for that job ?

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