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Are there samples somewhere?  I hate to buy things without seeing them first. What exactly does it teach?  An 8 week social group using Social Thinking curriculum is about $400 with a private therapist. If I buy it and do it at home it is about $100.  Is it worth it the driving and the extra $300 dollars to have someone else do it?  It is for DS 6 with whom I am currently working through the zones of regulation.  He's had lots of evals, but has no diagnosis.  He can go from fine to flipping out in a blink of an eye. He doesn't participate in group activities, but I'm not sure if it's because he doesn't want to or doesn't know how to be in a group.  

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That's kind of concerning that he has had evals but not gotten diagnosed.  Did they do an ADOS?  Has he been to an autism center or spent significant time with someone only looking at the autism question?


We did Incredible Flexible You (now called We Thinkers 1), and now the behaviorist is doing We Thinkers 2 with him.  The materials are FABULOUS. I went to the Social Thinking workshop this spring, and it was amazing, eye-opening.  Yes you can do it in theory.  Yes, a really good behaviorist will probably bring more to it.  Ours definitely does.  The materials will address what you're concerned about.  I guess my concern would be going back to this point of getting a diagnosis.  That whole not being part of the group, not participating, that's so textbook and concerning.  Did you have people who had spent enough time with him to really be able to mark these behaviors on the forms?  That was our issue with evals.  We finally got a breakthrough when we brought in a behaviorist and had her spend significant time.  That's when it became obvious.  

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