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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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day was going well until 15 minutes ago


My dd is currently in Melbourne looking after MY grandmother ( who has had 3 hip replacements on the same side in the last 2 years as they keep dislocating) while her partner is in hospital having surgery. 

 She just rang. My grandmother has fallen and dislocated her hip - dd has called an ambulance. She is in a bit of shock - shaky and very teary. I am over 400 km away..... dd is all alone dealing with everything  and scared......... I am waiting for her to ring back after the ambulance leaves.

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So far today I cleaned the fridge. Started laundry. searched online for black friday sales on keurigs but found out it was cheaper to buy today with my 30percent off plus kohls cash so later today I'll pick it up and get rid of my 5 year old one that is to inconsistent and I don't want to keep messing with. Later I need to wash my car. Finish Thursday chores. Drop off donations from Tuesday's closet cluttering and go to the library and find something good to read (any suggestions?) Workout. Try to put together a sign up genius for Dd poetry and writing club Christmas party(wish I could hand this one off)

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Good morning!


Floor people were supposed to be done yesterday, but still have a bit to finish up today - so a few more hours of disruption.  The floors look beautiful!

Animal chores

Post office

Take dog to vet for the senior panel bloodwork she needs in advance of her dental cleaning

Hopefully, the kids will be able to get some school done this afternoon

Dinner=salmon burgers

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  • Got up early to send out some work and the AHG newsletter.
  • Some school paperwork and bills.
  • Kids up & off to school.
  • Pet care.
  • Clean kitchen and some clutter.
  • Work.
  • Renew overdue library books (if I can).
  • AHG fundraiser - complete and send nut order to scout leader.
  • Hopefully the kids finish their work before scouts.
  • Kids to scouts.  Work at scouts.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.

I have a bunch of things that have been allowed to slide lately.  It would be great if I could get my energy back today and get them done.  Next week I will have a houseguest, and I'd rather not have to do a massive cleaning all at once.  I can hardly believe I used to be a neat-nick.  You would never know it looking at my house these days.  :/


I am also slipping on the calendar.  My kids have all sorts of extra activities related to the Christmas shows - this year they have 3 different ones - the Nativity play, a band concert and a choir performance, all on different days.  For these, one of my kids signed up for special parts and thus has practices 2-3 afternoons per week (thankfully all at school).  They have just added a 5th grade youth group after-school option, and basketball practice has started.  This is in addition to gymnastics, horse riding, and scouts.  And homework and Saturday math & reading classes.  And various community / cultural events we do during this season.  (I have pretty much given up on TKD until after Christmas, which is a huge bummer for me.)  I completely missed the scout Operation Christmas Child packing party - didn't realize it was last weekend.  This is so not like me.  :/

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Just trying to get back on after coming home from vacation


I decided to change all the rooms around upstairs yesterday.  So I need to put the house back together and make the rooms be what I want them to be.  Which will take some time for one, since I will need to buy things.


I don't know if we are going to the extra stuff today.  We skipped everything yesterday do to a sick kid.  I have to see how that kid is feeling during the day today.  I can already feel that I am getting sick.  



Other than that, just get school done. 

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First cold day here. Maybe even some snow later tonight. Regular Thursday here. Dd2 is still struggling through her cold-it is a rough week for her. Dd1 has a big invitational for the next three days, started off with a  2:45 am fire alarm, so she is less than pleased with dorm life. Might be a rough day for her.


To do:

get dd2 off to school

get ds3 off to program

school with ds2/ ready for trip tomorrow

clean kitchen

other chores-bathrooms/laundry


pick up dd2 (run to hs practice) straight to pick up ds3

take ds3 to tennis

pick up dd2 take to club practice

drop ds2 at judo

pick up ds3-take home

pick up dd2-take home

pick up ds2-home




Have a great day!

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