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board is behaving oddly


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I have noticed three specific changes.


1. I can no longer see a preview of the thread when I hover. All I get is the title of the thread


2. When I write a reply, such as now, my text is in a different font that what it used to be. And after my response is posted there is no formatting, meaning that all my paragraph separations have been lost.


3. I get notified when people 'like' my posts, but I can't see who via the hover function any longer. I have to click on the bubble at the top of my screen and it takes me away from the chat board to see who 'liked' my post. And after I do that the red notification doesn't go away. I have to delete the 'liked' notifications to make the red badge go away.


I have restarted my computer etc since this happened and it didn't make the board go back to what it was before.


Any suggestions?

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I have posted on the chat board recently, and today tried to post some 'for sale' items on the classifieds. My posts are shown, but with a message above them saying that I have to post on the forums before being able to post a classified. What's up?

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