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Gym Parents - Sprained Wrist and 1st Meet This Weekend


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I don't know if you have this option locally, but when dd has an injury, I take her to our sports medicine chiropractor.  He was the team trainer for the US Rugby team at one point and worked at the US Olympic trials for wrestling this past year.


At times, he has referred us for an x-ray.  Often, he will have his massage therapist (a woman worth her weight in gold) do some soft-tissue work and they may do some ultrasound or something like that. He also prescribes a home treatment plan such as ice and rest.  Maybe certain movements to prevent stiffness.  He does a lot of work with Kinesiotape as well.

Dd sprained her wrist 4 days before an important climbing competition - if she didn't place well, she would not move on and her season would have been over.  I took her in, they evaluated her for whether or not she would injure herself further, and treated her.  I had to take her in every day, but she felt well enough to compete and just squeaked in to get an invite to the next level.  After the competition, we had 4 weeks until the next level and they worked on getting her back to full strength.


A lot of what this guy does is what professional athletes get when they have an injury.  I have noticed that her recovery time is much shorter. 


I would try to find someone who specializes in sports rehab. 

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