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Tutoring at Community College- credit??

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DD, 15, has been taking dual enrollment classes at our local community college for about a year and a half now. At the beginning of her Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry class this semester, the teacher said that any of his students would qualify as a math tutor if they desired.  DD immediately assumed that she would not qualify because of her age.  However, she has recently talked to the tutoring department and has been told that her age would not be an issue and she could tutor if she desired.  We live in "the middle of nowhere" Arizona and our local community college has several small campuses throughout the area.  At DD's campus, they currently do not have anyone doing math tutoring.  If DD did it, it would be up to 10 hours a week and she would get paid $10/hr! She is very excited for the prospect!  She wants to be a teacher eventually so I think this would be a great opportunity for her. 

She could start next in the spring semester.  My question is- could I count this as a credit on her high school transcript? Ten hours a week of work seems like I should be able to.  DD is in 11th grade now and could also continue tutoring in her 12th grade year as well so we could count it for 3 semesters.  What would I label it on her transcript?


She will also have to take a one credit (as opposed to 3 credits for most classes) class called "Tutoring Basics" at the CC before she starts the class.  It is an online class that she can do at her own speed.  She plans to complete it over Christmas break.  I know I can count that (maybe as 1/3 High school credit) as well on her high school transcript.   But what about all the tutoring in the future?

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Not that many hours, but my son did Latin tutoring and actually taught a local class for homeschooled teens. I just counted it as an extracurricular.


He earned his shodan (black belt) shortly after turning 16, and then taught at the dojo for discounted tuition. I just counted it as an extracurricular.


Now he's in college and still teaching Aikido in addition to working at the gym. Now both are on his resume along with his college awards and scholarships.  :hurray:

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