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What to do during the holidays, before the start of the next academic calendar?


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My 1st and 4th grade dd have completed their MUS lessons for the year, and I'm not planning to starting anything until next year which will probably happen around late January when they come back from a 1 month holiday.


I don't want them to lose their skills in Maths and LA, so I like some some tips on what to do between now and the next school year, and also while they're away on their for 1 month (i won't be with them though).

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I make sure mine read every day when we take a big break.  I also still read to them at night (even then teens).  


Other sneaky school stuff we do:


Mad Libs


Story Cubes

Start a diary/journal


Brainbox Games (we have one for the US and one for the World)



Apps for the phone: Stack the States, Brainpop, math facts apps, Night Sky...


Although, if you're not going to be with them...someone would have to get them going with games, suggest activities, etc.


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After schooling goes year round for the 6th grader.  Over winter break, he continues on-line math, french and vocab for 1-1 1/2 hours per day.  The he does a home assembled pack for standardized test prep.  Typically a section a day from an isee or ssat  practice test for about 30 minutes more.

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You are right to want to keep up over break. We did not do much spelling or math practice over summer, and it took over a month to get dd up to speed.


Everybody talks up Yahtzee for math practice but we are fond of Triominoes. It's great for first graders to practice addition with the tiles. My second grader keeps score now and it is perfect practice for what she needs right now. We also use MEP as a supplement to MUS because it is such a different approach (and free!) We are in the middle of the Year 1 book.


We also play Appletters and Hangman.

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