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Superhero paraphernalia??


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My 16 yo ds is hard to buy for. He also has more discretionary income than anyone else in the house. There is nothing he needs or specifically wants for Christmas.


He has recently become more interested in superheroes. I know there are different "brands". I think he likes Ironman and Flash the best. Anyone know of silly or unique superhero items for a hard to buy for guy?

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Dh bought me a STAR Laboratories shirt which is a superhero reference. Works for Arrow or Flash fans. He found it at FYE. You can also try Spencer's for those types of items as well as the stores mentioned up thread.


https://www.fye.com/s/tees+/catalog/Television/-/30855/;jsessionid=2B5BB464B5B3DDF7EC8DB06BF2B6BCDD.vulcan_fye#.WCkSlsm6Zls I have it in gray.


Red Bubble has stuff like that, too, but I always wonder about copyright.

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Loot Crate - google it - if you check there asap there is still time to order the Nov box (just don't give it to him until Christmas) it will have Dr Strange figure and Fantastic Beasts t-shirt.  Each month is more cool geek stuff from movies/tv.  You can sign him up for one, two, three, however many months you like. https://www.lootcrate.com/


Or watch Think Geek - they will have some big sales for Black Friday.   Most of my adult kid's gifts come from Think Geek  (Hot Topic not as good recently).



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We were Looters for many years... and we've tried Nerd Blox. We're still doing the Marvel crate ... if you have a decent comic shop they might be a good source. Also for the mainstream ones- Kohls often has good graphic tees for cheap (if you're looking for Avengers, Star Wars, Deadpool, Justice League) if you're looking for more obscure stuff Thinkgeek sometimes ...

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