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Bingo prizes for teens and adults


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I'll be running the bingo game at our church's Christmas dinner. I have plenty of prizes for the little kids already, but need some suggestions for inexpensive prizes for the teens and adults (men and women). What would you or your teen like to receive as a bingo prize?  :)

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We help our local Pilot club run a bingo game (no one pays to play, it is just a fun way to hand out prizes) at a local nursing home.


Adult coloring books & coloring pencils have been a hit lately. We get them from Dollar Tree.


Maybe the theater size boxes of a variety of candy?


Fun socks?


The little LED flashlights - the ones that Home Depot usually sells in large packs as a Black Friday special. Can't have too many flashlights!


Maybe a small pack of greeting cards - they have a variety in Michaels dollar bins.


Tea. Maybe little packs of specialty coffee - or hot chocolate. 


Stylus with the little cord that you can plug into your phone so you won't lose it.


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-Lip balm

-Lip gloss

-Hand lotion

-My son found these cool squishy (?) things at Game Stop that prop up your phone that I love! They're only $2. I have no idea what they're called. I think they were shaped like animals, a pig maybe. ?? Anyway, that would be a neat gift I think.

-Lots of small things from Hobby Lobby--like make-your-own cards, trading card sized blank Art Cards, gel pens, Sharpies

-flashlights or key chain flashlights

-candy bars

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