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Looking back, I wish I'd started the meds three years ago


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AKA: I love homeschooling again.


The update:

You know, I was really pretty upset with myself the past couple years, disappointed that I felt like I just wanted to STOP schooling.  I could see all the benefits, still believed in it, but it was SO much work.

I woke up this morning and I have crazy in my life now, and still I'm looking forward to schooling today.  That huge amount of tension in my shoulders/neck is gone.  
I did not realize how the *constant* conflict was affecting me with DS and I'm sure him as well.



He boggled my mind this week.  He had a work bench his dad made him a few years ago.  The top was banged up and so he decided to remove it and replace it.

Then he MEASURED and added a bottom shelf that fits within the frame perfectly.  Then he painted it.  He cleaned up the mess beautifully.  I cannot tell you carefully he measured, sawed, picked up.


I can't begin to tell you how FREAKISH this is that he began a three day project, with a plan, measured carefully, executed, and cleaned up his mess.


I have told two friends this week to stop hesitating and try the meds.  If you're waffling, I get it.  I do.  I waffled for three years plus.  I was told do meds.  He is definitely ADD.  The psychiatrist this time added "ODD?" in the notes as well.  I don't even care what the labels are....  Life is so much easier.  He's still every inch himself, same sense of humor, same kiddo, just so much less conflict.  <3

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I hear you, sister! DD12 was almost 10 when he started meds, and we definitely wished we had started earlier.


I do think it is common for kids with ADHD to be considered for an ODD diagnosis. One practitioner thought DS fit the ODD profile, too. But treating the ADHD makes such a difference with the arguing and defiance that I think it is really the ADHD at the root. When there is great impulsivity, and they don't think before they speak or act, added to difficulty with emotional regulation....boom. Things come to a head easily. And it affects the whole family.


DD12 is off his meds for a few days, under doctor's orders, to see if a certain behavior he has is actually a side effect. It's been less than 24 hours so far, and he's not supposed to take any more until Monday. All I can say is...it's going to be a long weekend.


:chillpill: :chillpill: :chillpill:

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