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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I have *NO* idea why I slept so great last night but I feel like a million dollars. :)  

(Cleaned an office 'til 11:30, so I wonder how long this will last, lol.)



ACT Prep



Errands today - look for another pair of shoes.  We have this great little consignment shop in town but I don't know if I dare brave it with the minions in tow.

DD#3 has classes - drop her off at noon

Pizza for supper - thank you Book It!

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Good morning!



breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats


researching book club ideas for City of Ember


To Do:


take ds to Spanish club

grocery store on the way home




bible study if dh home in time to take ds to swim

book club planning

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Good morning! Getting kids off today right now. Ds3 has his school, and dd2 is getting ready to leave. When I get back, I have a pretty open day. I will not spend it all on chores!


To do:

clean kitchen

take ds3


other jen things

watch movie with ds2 (and needlepoint)

pick up ds3

ds3 has tennis

dd2 swimming

pick up for tennis/swim

dh will take ds2 to judo


Have a great day!

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I don't know if "tackle" is the right word. Stumble through may be more appropriate!




*coffee with a friend

*schooling/lesson planning/grading - not necessarily in that order

*phone calls

*another coffee, with a different friend  :coolgleamA: 

*whatever else I've forgotten at the moment


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Good morning!


Jean, how was the chiro?

I'm still not sure! He did stuff to my shoulder with the intention of loosening adhesions that no one has done. It didn't hurt at the time but later it was so sore. I had to take pain relievers to sleep. It's still super sore this morning. I will put up with the soreness if the end result is a healthier shoulder but I'm not sure of the end result. Edited by Jean in Newcastle
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  • No idea why I didn't hear any of my alarms until 6:30am.

Got up at 6:30 and sent out some work.

Kids up & out to school.  Oh crap, I forgot to send some signed papers.  :/

My boss felt it necessary to discuss a work issue while I was trying to get my kids ready.  This always gives me a headache!

Pet care.

A little tiny bit of housework.

Work and exercise.

Kids want to go to 3:30 book discussion, so I promised to pick them up around 3:15.

Maybe I will have them go swimming after that, as they need some exercise.

Kids need to study for surprise science test.  (Seriously, tell us before the weekend!)

So we're skipping the AHG religious pin class.


Kids to bed.


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I managed to get my oldest to complete 2 math lessons today since we didn't get to math yesterday. It was all review, so easy peasy.


I made a huge dent in changing clothes for the season.


Trying to finish the clothes, clean my bedroom, and cook a nice meal this afternoon.

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