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Please help me fill out my "12 Days of Finals" care package


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I saw this darling idea on Pinterest to countdown to the holiday break by sending a care package of the "12 Days of Finals." The basic idea is that you wrap twelve gifts and put a number on each one so your dc can open one package per day leading up to the end of final exams. The first day has one item, the second has two items, etc. I have a boy which, I think, makes it harder. I don't want it to be all food, and no more cash/gift cards. He won't want any fun decorations. This is what I have so far:


1 pair of school mascot socks ("and some socks of the Stanford Tree" - lol they are super cute)

2 Reese's cups

3 pairs of boxers

4 candy canes

5 Hamiltons (so, five ten-dollar bills)

6 caramel Santas




10 10 bucks from Subway (a $10 gift card)


12 Hershey's kisses


Some of the numbers and content could be flexible at this point. Maybe one more treat? School supplies? Idk. I'd like something a bit more fun, but boys are so hard! Please toss out some ideas. :)

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packs of cocoa

packs of popcorn

encouraging notes (one for each study day maybe?)

bags of snacks (goldfish, trail mix, etc.)

schools supplies (could mix and match, i.e. 2 pencils + 2 erasers + 2 packs of postit tabs + 2 highlighters = 8 school supplies)


silly putty (for stress relief)

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I've seen strings of decorative LED lights at Barnes and Noble.  I don't know how many doodads (note scientific terminology) are on the string.


Moroccan Lantern String Lights  by Kikkerland


Ah, found it also at Amazon


"These sparkling strands add a festive touch to any space. Mini globes. A battery pack allows it to be hung just about anywhere. 10 LED lights on a 4ft string. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)."




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