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looking for a multivitamin


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there's something up with my goto multivitamin. it smells like dirt . . . and leaves an after taste.  so, much as I like the formula, I need to find something else.  (I've also thought about buying it somewhere else, wondering if that would make a difference.)


what's your favorite? 


my request is if the form of b12 used is anything other than methylcobalamin, please don't post it.  it just confuses things, and I must have that form due to conversion issues.

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Don't laugh, but we use the Smarty pants womens complete or prenatal...from Amazon.


Or https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01B1JPXBE/ref=s9_acsd_al_bw_c_x_1_w?th=1

No one is pregnant at my house,but I actually enjoy having the gummies and one of my daughters also needs the methyl b12 as well as folate vs. folic acid. The Prenatals are very sweet, the Women's a little less so. There you have it, I have the taste buds of a ten year old and I don't enjoy swallowing pills.

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