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The Teachers Lounge 11-7-2016


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The Lounge is now OPEN!


I'm opening the Lounge TODAY and in red, white, and blue because I will NOT be

around tomorrow as I'll be working at a polling site for the ELECTION!


I'm already tired from our day yesterday, today's not any better, and tomorrow will be FULL!

If I don't open the Lounge on Wednesday it's because I'm in a coma!  :tongue_smilie:   :w00t:


Anyway . . . .


What did you do this weekend? Here: DD18 and I went to town up North for her senior photo-shoot. 

In retrospect, I probably should have waited until AFTER her performances this month. She only has

a couple of weeks until Tech Week and my Aspie girl will miss class today because she's SPENT from yesterday.



What's going on today for you? Here: met with a friend this morning, taking DS and a friend to theatre class, setting up for the election, meeting with another friend at 4pm. Oh, and a potluck dinner tonight. Oi!


Anyone ever think about moving to another country? Here: I entertain the thought once in awhile.


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Weekend - Same thing as Jean. :)  We cleaned house and I planned lessons.


Today - field trip.  We drove 1.5 h each way, but it was worth it!


Moving to another country - I've lived in two others, besides this one, and I'd go back in a heartbeat.  Dh and I aren't really settled....the job he has now has offices in a few countries and neither of us would mind moving again and spending several years somewhere else.

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