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Teaching Textbooks users with IXL.


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Well, you might look at CTC math.  The student has access to math across all grade levels but each lesson can be repeated as many times as you want and it generates new problems so the student isn't just repeating identical problems.  All problems are broken down into categories that follow basically the same organizational pattern for each grade level.  Makes it easy to find the geometry problems or the money problems, etc. for every grade level.  It has been really helpful here for my kids to be able to go back a couple of grade levels when they get stumped, rework the more basic problems then hop forward, try some at a more advanced level, then redo the ones at the level they are currently working to clarify and fix any confusion.  I stay nearby to confirm they are understanding and if necessary we work problems together on a dry erase board, too, but they love CTC.  


 You could assign specific sets to practice as reinforcement for the TT assignments.  There may be a bit of a difference in explanation, but that might be a good thing.  They can see that different explanations are actually saying the same thing.  And that sometimes there are different ways to accomplish the same goal.  

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