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Comfortable shoe brands-I fractured same foot twice this summer


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I have just got out of a boot for 2 foot fractures in a row-yes my bone density is poor. The orthopedic doctor said it can take up to a year for that foot to be 'normal' and I need to wear supportive shoes. Can anyone recommend some brands? I like Ahnu, but they don't have any cute styles right now. I need not-too-soft and not-to-hard foot bed in the shoe. I don't want to wear running shoes for a year (which is what I'm supposed to wear around the house). I wouldn't mind a shoe like a Merrel that looks sporty but not exactly a running shoe. But it has to have excellent arch support and I don't find that Merrels have that (for me).  I cannot wear slide in shoes. Birkenstocks are too hard. Thanks in advance! Where else could I ask such a question!

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Dansko (very hard, rocklike)

Bjorn, Sofft--good arch support, soft leather, both make excellent flats and pumps

Keen--decent arch support, medium hard soles

Fit Flops--pretty good arch support, heavenly soft soles

Aerosoles--no arch support but very cushy


Have you tried trail runners?  They have a little better arch support and also better lateral stability than other running shoes.  When I had plantar fascitis they were the only running shoes I could wear.  I think that Salomon has the best arch support.  Cascadia Brooks is more cushy but has not quite as good arch support.

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