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Luxury vinyl tile...best bang for my buck


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We are hoping to finish off more of our basement and put in luxury vinyl tile flooring. We need waterproof...basement doesn't have water issues but 5 kids and a dog living in a snowy, muddy climate created a lot of mess.


I am not super fussy at all about what it looks like.....give me 4 choices and I will pick my favorite. No need to show me 153 options. If it would be very easy to install that would be a plus as Dh and boys will be installing it.


Most of all, I need the most durable, easy to care for (I hate housework) product at a good price as budget is limited.

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We just had the traffic master installed in our main house areas. I have had it for a few months now. Absolutely love it. Two large dogs, and 3 kids still at home, so there is quite a bit of traffic. You will need felt pads under furniture as we noticed our chairs scratching the floor. I can't find the scratches now, but I though it had made some. Our floor is made to look old..so scratches will just give it character. Best decison ever...and I didn't get it on sale!

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