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Math program for ipad, remedial but not "math facts" quizzes

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For various reasons, dd & I are not getting math done this year.

She can't do lessons on her own from a book or workbook either.


Teaching textbooks is hit or miss, we have it but her older brother is almost always doing his work on the computer & we can't get another one right now.


Her IQ is borderline, we've switch to calculator use or charts for all math. She doesn't really retain "any" math, so quite honestly, we don't do it consistently anymore as its kind of just a very frustrating use if her time & energy ( schoolwork exhausts her & we're picking our battles with it).


At this point, she's not diploma or college bound (our state requires higher level math that she's not going to get through).


Anyways, that's the quick background.

I'm looking for some sort of iPad friendly math that she could work on daily & independently.


But NOT math facts or timed quizzes, more like a full curriculum or program but online & able to work on an iPad.

She's at the 4/5th grade level. 13 years old & not into "babyish" things.

Remedial type program for older students would be even better.


Or something like TT or MUS that could work on iPad.


Anything like that out there?


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Possibly Prodigy Math, though she might find it babyish.  


Possibly Dragon Box, although this only teaches simplifying and solving equations, albeit in an amazing, fun way.


Khan Academy is the real-deal in terms of teaching real math basically aligned with grade levels, but it's less flashy than some.  It does have some kind of points system based on time spent/modules completed or something and I think you evolve a pet dinosaur type thing as you get more points.   



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