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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Today is a busy day.


Kids up at 8

15 yo does math homework

17 yo has lots of English to do

9:30 dentist appt for 15 yo

I need to work on my studies - didn't do enough yesterday

15 yo to math tutor at 1:45

17 yo has physical training

Latin with my kids

I need to prep for Latin at co-op

Dinner - chicken again in some variety

Also bake chicken for homeless shelter

Call dr and pick up medicine

17 yo needs to hand in job application

need to send out email for teen group trip to see dd's musical!

I keep having to add stuff as I remember!  Today is my mom's birthday (she passed away many years ago) and All Souls Day.  We usually go visit the family cemetary on this day.  Absolutely need to squeeze this in.

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Ds hardly slept last night because of a stuffy nose. He doesn't have fever, so I'm going to try and treat it with over the counter meds. If it doesn't improve quickly, it's probably going to change some plans I was making involving other people's kids coming here tomorrow. 



fed cats

breakfast and lunch for dh



To Do:


finish grading papers for co-op

final lesson plans for co-op

Ds' school: writing, and more subjects if he feels well enough

plan out a Spanish review for ds and friends (if they get to come)

quick tidy and surface clean whole house

GED tutoring

church (if ds can go)


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  • Wake up and worry about the work I was supposed to finish yesterday (I forgot I'd promised it by yesterday!).  [done]


Get the kids up & off to the school bus.  [done]


Take out the garbage.  [done]


Clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and some clutter.  [done]


Pet care.  [done]




Pay some bills.


A little exercise.


A little reading.


Some more housework, hopefully.


Apply the kids' latest AHG badges?


Pick the kids up from their after-school practice.


Kids' work.


Kid to gymnastics.




Kids to bed.




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Good morning! Today is late start for the high school, so everyone is still sleeping. Today, I have to get some house things done and school stuff done.


To do:

clean kitchen (dh baked last night....makes me crazy)

kids started on work

general pickup


get some stuff sorted in the garage

check bills

check calendar and update

read a little

PM practice swim/swim/aikido


Pizza night!


Have a great day!

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I went through a pile of junk I had on my moon chair.  Yay!  So now I have 8 piles of junk on my bed instead.  (And a half-full garbage can.)  Progress?  :P


Paid a bill that's been nagging at me for months.  Paid up through next November (I think).  So yay for that.  :)

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Wake up early.  Bummer baby changed sleep habits, no more waking up at 8:30










Eat while we wait

Swim team and swim lessons


Going to a dance performance tonight after all that



In the mean time

Need to finish trip planning



washing clothes


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