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Need some food ideas


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I have been having problems with my teeth and lately my stomach hasn't been very tolerant of much of anything. I had one tooth pulled about two weeks ago and am getting three more out. I am possibly diabetic. I need to get some blood work done, but have been unable to due to insurance issues and such.


Anyway... I need to find soft foods that don't have a lot of dairy in them...no sugar and nothing spicy. Eating has become a real issue for me lately and I am hoping someone on here can help me figure this out.

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Miso soup? My usual go to when my body isn't coping is cottage cheese- protein and no fibre. But you said no dairy, and miso is another thing I can cope with when I'm not ok. Lots of nutrients without the pesky fibre.



Cottage cheese has definitely been a big help.

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Eggs fixed any way you can eat them


Is yogurt tolerable ?


Rice and beans



Make whatever kind of soup you prefer and blend it

Note: I have a friend who is cooking only soft food for her husband. She said soups blend up the best and still taste good.

She also bought an instapot



Potatoes - plain or sweet


Add carrots to your mashed potatoes

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Is your stomach rejecting anything else besides dairy? How is kefir for you?


Is there a primary or an oncologist working with you re: bloodwork and intestinal...you are a cancer survivor?

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soups (cream of broccoli, cream of mushroom, etc.)

quiche is fairly soft, you can do it without the crust (spray/grease the pan well)

ground meat of choice stir fried with canned french cut green beans is fairly easy, tasty, and soft

canned veggies are mush softer than frozen or fresh


edited...if you make the soups you can use something like coconut milk instead of dairy




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