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My eldest two daughters (13, 11) are swimming competitively and have been for a couple of years now. DH and I were spit-balling Christmas gifts for the kids today and I thought about making each girl a scrapbook for swimming.


Aye, you knew there would be a rub, right? I'm not very crafty. At all. If you were going to make a scrapbook, how would you do it? Speak (type?) slowly and pretend I know nothing. My budget for each kid (not just the girls) is about $20-$30 for Christmas this year. I don't own and am not likely to buy any expensive specialized tools. Ideally, this would be something we could keep adding to as the girls continue swimming.


So, given those paltry parameters what is your best advice? Is this something that is necessarily really expensive and I should think of something else? Or is this something I can do that will look nice, add to through the years, and won't send me to debtor's prison? What should I look for? I assume someplace like Michael's would have supplies, right?



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I have a photo book that my daughter made for me a few years ago. It is a simple photo album from Walmart, but the inside edge of each photo sleeve has a space for writing. On several of the pages she had one of the photo sleeves hold a pretty card that she made explaining the season/date change. The book was given to me with the pages about 2/3 full so more could be added later. Perhaps you could find a book like this? You could also put some small stickers right on the photo sleeves to dress them up. It is mostly photos, which I like.


Another cheap option is to get 3-ring binders. I know Hobby Lobby has photo pages that fit into regular-sized binders. If you live nearby you could grab a pack of pages with a 40% off coupon each time you go in.

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Traditional scrapbooking can get costly real,quick. Paper, pictures, and adhesive is the basic list of things you need, plus the album. You can do quite well with 50 % off coupons for hobby lobby, Michaels. Joann fabrics.

But I don't think you can start from nothing and do an album for 30.00

You could check out goodwill and such places to see if there are supplies there. I have donated to,those kinds of places.


Dollar stores occasionally have some paper, but I wouldn't use any adhesive from there.

I would explore a digital book and look for a deal. However, that is an area I know nothing about.

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