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In honor of Halloween, a candy pronunciation poll



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  1. 1. How do you pronounce Reese's?

    • Ree-sees
    • Ree-ses

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I'm actually sneaking pieces right now out of the bag of Reese's Pieces I bought for DH (newly diagnosed with Celiac and cranky about it - I made him a "piece" offering) and the back says, "orange color is a registered trademark". I guess no other candy can have an orange bag? Don't M&M peanut butters have an orange bag? Or do they mean the orange pieces?


Sorry, random Reese's Pieces tangent.

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Reesee's for the cups, something in between for the pieces, which I then end up doing to "pieces", too (kind of like reese-uhs piece-uhs)


ETA: Obviously this is incorrect, and it would seem Reese-es (for both) is probably correct, but I never really thought about it, and I've also never noticed anyone pronouncing it differently for the cups. I have noticed differences in pronunciation for the pieces, but I chalked that up the difficulty created by the near-rhyme

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