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Is spring of 11th too early to ask to meet with depts?

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We attended an open house this weekend at a state school that ds was impressed by. He got to attend a dept presentation & chat for a few minutes afterwards with a professor who gave the presentation.


He would like to go back & visit on a school day, sit in on a class or two, & talk with a professor in more depth, tour the robotics & other labs, ect.


I got the impression that's more for Sr year, but he'd like to get applications in early Sr yr, so wants to do these more in depth visits Jr. year, in the spring to narrow down his list before Sr yr. (Actually, he'd probably like to go back this week, but that's not happening, schedule wise for us)


The dept. seemed suprised he was already there late fall of jr year For open house, but happy to talk to him.

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We just did that this last week with our Junior.  we travelled out of state, took the general campus tour, then met with professors in the Computer Science department, attended a class with a current student, met the rugby team and the marksmanship team coach.  â€‹With the information we got it didn't seem too early at all and now my son is much more motivated as he has an idea of what he is working for.

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