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Recommendations for online/self-paced HS Biology and Algebra?

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We're looking for a good, self-paced biology course and algebra course.  What we really want is self-paced, with textbook (NOT all online if possible!) but also supporting materials.  Something that could be started now, and completed over the academic year and summer. Our son is very bright, but does need more time and everything written -- so an online lecture class is not the best choice for us at this time.


Any recommendations?  We'd like something that would be well respected on college transcripts.




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For Biology, maybe Elemental Science biology at the rhetoric stage?



They sell a study guide and discounted access to a virtual lab called Late Nite Labs. The textbook can be found online for free at CK12.org. The textbook is all online but it's mostly written with some short videos incorporated.


Late Nite Labs is used by some colleges. You can make mistakes and have failed results so although not a "wet lab" it is more realistic than most.


I really like HMH Algebra 1 in how the textbook teaches. There is also some online practice. But nearly impossible to get your hands on an answer manual.


Good luck!





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I can highly recommend Derek Owens for Algebra.  The lectures are pre-recorded, so you can stop them as needed.  Also, there is a workbook that follows along with the lecture - there are some notes with spaces for kids to complete the notes.  It's a great introduction to note taking. After the lecture, there are problems in the workbook with solutions in the back, and then there are also homework pages.  It is set up so that you can turn in the homework assignments and tests to be graded, but you might also be able to request to have the solutions sent to you as the parent to grade if that works better for you (he has done this in the past, but not sure if he will continue to do this or not).  It is completely self-paced.  I have one child who has completed 2 math courses and 2 science courses with Mr. Owens already and is currently on the 3rd math course - I love him! 

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