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I hate Lial's prealgebra... please suggest something else


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I have no idea why I was, and still am, second guessing my decision to use AoPS prealgebra (which I love, love, LOVE!) but for some completely illogical reason I feel the need to have a more "standard" prealgebra textbook on hand as well to give us additional practice or an alternative teaching method if we run into trouble in a topic or if I feel extra practice is needed somewhere.


So, I ordered Lial's prealgebra after reading way, way too many threads in here and agonizing over the decision for months.


It finally arrived today 7 weeks later (I assumed it had been lost in the mail and was chasing it up) and OMG I cannot begin tell you how much I HATE it. The format, the jumbled mess, the sidebars, pictures everywhere, weird patterns and shapes, different colors all over the place... It is like this textbook has ADHD.  I can't even focus or understand the topic as there is so much other "stuff" all over the page, different text boxes, columns and sidebars everywhere, and I know this content well. There is no way am I giving this book to dd it is a complete jumbled mess :thumbdown: 


So, where to now? I want something clear and concise with lots of practice problems and very clear explanations. Something uncluttered, logical, and direct but not completely dry. I love :001_tt1: the AoPS prealgebra book, it is well set out, clear, uncluttered and logical, everything Lial's is not. Apparently I do not want colors and pictures and random "stuff" all over the place. So please tell me, what prealgebra book am I describing? I do not want anything too expensive as this is just a supplement. This book is for a 9yo (if that makes a difference to recommendations).


Thanks :001_smile:


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Dolciani is quite clear and well laid out but it's not exciting. We mostly used it and AoPS to a lesser extent for pre-algebra. We moved to Foerster for algebra I and the punny names in the word problems are about as exciting as it gets, but it's excellent content.


ETA: We had Lial's too and I tried to use it but I couldn't for the same reasons plus it went far too slow.

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Use AoPS.  And Alcumus.  If you haven't had a problem with it yet, stop second-guessing yourself :)


If you feel better having another text on hand, Dolciani's Prealgebra, An Accelerated Course is what you are asking for (dated 1986-1992).

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