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Once you've filled out the FAFSA, when do you hear from the college?

Sunshine State Sue

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I filled out the FAFSA 3 years ago before ds's freshman year.  I decided to fill it out now for his senior year.  What the heck - maybe something will change for the better now that dh is 65.  Based on the new EFC, however, I shouldn't get my hopes up.


I wonder if/when I? hear from the school?  Seems like if I filled it out in October vs. January a couple of years ago, I'd hear from the school earlier than years ago.  The Financial Aid Announcement I have for the 2014-2015 school year was addressed to ds at home.  There is no date on it, but I seem to think March/April it came?  I imagine they let ds know via school email or student account.  Which means I may or may not hear about it. Sigh.


Anybody know if/when you hear from the school?

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In my limited experience, I needed to follow through with financial aid. In both cases there were additional papers beyond the FAFSA needed before the colleges' financial aid department would even process and offer aid. Once all the papers were submitted, my sons received notification within a few weeks.


My recommendation is to ask your son to call the financial aid office and find out what's going on.

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This is the first year that the FAFSA has been available so far in advance of when admissions decisions will be made so I have no idea what the timelines are going to be.


Last year, my decisions came end of April (2nd bachelor's program) and mid-May (certificate at the community college that I decided to hold off on for now). I didn't qualify for anything but loans (no surprise) but needed to complete a FAFSA in order to apply for scholarships (didn't get any of those either).

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Ours have ranged from April to late July. I wish that there was more sense to it, but it really varies.


My experience is years out of date now as my daughter has graduated from college.


After being accepted in her senior year of high school, she generally received word from the colleges which had accepted her in April.  A few complete financial aid offers came sooner; one came in mid-April.


After her freshman year of college, she typically received her financial aid offer for the coming year in July.




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