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Jacobs Algebra w/ or w/out Ask Dr. Callahan?

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My completely-different-from-her-sister Dd#2 will hopefully be ready for Algebra next year. She is an artsy, writing-type who hates math. (She'll be in 9th next year.) She struggles with it and has to take more time to solidify both the math concept and process.


I am looking at using Jacobs Algebra for her. I already own the text. I did a search, but can't find many reviews of the Ask Dr. Callahan materials. She will either need instruction from me (daily) or a video. I will have to help anyway, so would prefer to save my time for working through problems she is having issues with.


Having a syllabus and tests is a plus. My question is, how US the DVD instruction and do I need the DVDs?


Anyone use them and have a review- pro or con?

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We have been using them and they are helpful for explaining concepts. That said, DS will probably be taking a step back and will do Saxon Algebra 1/2 as he was a little shaky on some of the math and I want to make sure he has a solid foundation. He loves the Jacobs book - especially the cartoons, so I expect we might be dipping into it now and then and will definitely use the dvds. We will use either Saxon or return to the Jacobs for Algebra 1.

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