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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Hi everybody!  I fell off the edge of the earth but now I'm back!  How is everybody?


It turns out that there is only so much time in the day to spend on the internet.  I got involved in starting up a 3rd party (I've gone fringe!) which I am very excited about.  But in order to connect I had to get back on facebook.  The party is the American Solidarity Party if anyone is interested).  I have found my peeps, politically speaking.  


Anyway, I missed have this bit of accountability though.  Even if I didn't get stuff done that I'd list here, it still had some kind of psychological effect, where it made me more conscious of what I needed to do each day.  


Already done:

got gas in the car

bought bagels for everybody


To do:

power read through the book I am supposed to write a paper on for Theo class

tidy up house (we had new carpets put in the bedrooms yesterday and we still have lots of stuff to move back).

dog gets bath and nails at pet place

send flowers to my sister recovering from eye surgery

17 yo has physical training

17 yo has piano (run errands while waiting for him)

15 yo has upcoming govt and bio exams (I think I am supposed to proctor at least one tomorrow)

17 yo also has to study for govt exam

dinner - chicken with mushrooms, salad, sweet potatoes in some fashion.

catch up on stuff I am behind in for Latin and Theo

enjoy nice weather!


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Good morning! I am back from taking ds2 to his morning of judo and a bagel run. Now I am going to read the paper and lay out a quilt because dh is on a bike ride and the swimmers are asleep. 


To do:

lay out quilt

general pickup

meet this afternoon


Have a great day!

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Make freezer meals for the next two weeks (I'm already halfway done)

Vacuum main floor

Mop kitchen

Stain the front porch

Wrap some more Christmas presents

Help my dd finish her science experiments and lab reports


And maybe paint the trim in the kids' bathroom (although that may need to be done tomorrow)

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I have stuff I'm suppose to do on the computer, but I'm not looking forward to figuring it out. 

Right now everyone except me is playing a board game. So I have lots of time to work on my computer stuff. (The game usually lasts about 2 to 3 hours a session)


We all should also do some chores and stuff today. But will likely put it off till tomorrow.

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  • Work in the wee & early hours [done]

Kids to "trick or trot" run.  [done]

Kids to Math Monkey.  [done]

Kids to natural history museum for cooking lesson.  [done]

Home.  Kids do their work, I do my work.

Laundry and some other housekeeping stuff.

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Good afternoon!



Farmers' market

pick up Ds

CSA farm visit

ordered a new calendar

AHG stuff


To do:


meal planning

make dinner - stuffed peppers and green salad

relax and enjoy the evening - maybe watch the Vols play, though that is NOT relaxing, win or lose





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Our family was going to dress up in a Christmas theme for Halloween. Well my boys decided they didn't want to be Christmas presents.


After hunting around and talking about it they are going as a herd of minions. Including minion slippers we have 9 minion teddies. We taped and sewed them on clothes so that each boy as at least 4 minions covering his body.


I usually always wear my wedding dress. (For the Christmas theme I was going to go as the fairy from on top of the tree). But now I'm not sure. I have a yellow little blanket and a yellow t-shirt. I might go as "Super Banana". I'm sure that if such a super hero existed the minions would love her.


Dh said, "I'll go as Gru". But I told him that wouldn't work since I don't like him dressing in all black, and I'm not willing to try to find or make him a black and grey stripped scraf this weekend. I did tell him he can if he wants to, but he would have to put the costume together. Since his response to that was to have a nap, I'm sure he wouldn't be Gru this Halloween. :p


I do know that come Halloween night Dh will come up with a desire to make the most amazing costume or family costume for next year, ... He has yet to ever do so. But happily he now admits that dreaming about it is much easier and funnier than actually doing it.

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