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The Teachers Lounge 10-28-2016


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The Lounge is now OPEN!


Remember, the Lounge is for parents/teachers only, no students!

This is a place for the adults to hang out, relax, maybe snooze a little,

or get your morning cuppa. I have a fresh pot of coffee on, help yourself!

Or if loose leaf tea is more your speed, I have that too. What's your morning 'happy juice'? B-)


Right on top of my screen right now, there is an ad for "Spooky Classics for Children." For some reason,

that reminds me of a CD I bought from Walgreen's years ago entitled Spooky Classics, or something like that.

I bought it but it didn't seem spooky to me - just some wonderfully classical music!


Have you ever bought something thinking it was one thing and it turned out to be something else? Here: see above.


Do any of YOU (not your kids, but YOU) dress up for Halloween? Here: it's my least favorite day of the year but I do have an outfit planned. I will be wearing an orange shirt that states, "Zombies Eat Brains, You're Safe", capris, and knee high socks with "Muggle" emblazoned on the sides.


What is your current Netflix addition? Or what is your current book addiction? Here: I've been re-watching Haven on Netflix but also thinking I need to read something new.


Talk to me! :bigear:



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One more question: anyone else's husband still in the dark ages because he stays in denial that you actually NEED a printer?

The most recent comment here: "I don't want to accumulate a lot of stuff."  NEWSFLASH: we already HAVE a lot of stuff.

That's not the point. I don't want to have to keep running to FedEx Office or OfficeMax every time I need to print something off.



Getting down off soapbox to go to printshop . . . 

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Hi ya, Scrap!


I'm afraid that I'm boring with water as my only beverage in the morning.  This morning I went wild though and put a scoop of electrolyte powder in my water!


I don't think that I've ever bought something that was other than what I expected it to be.  Or if I have, I've blocked it from my memory.


None of us dress up for Halloween. 


Someone on this board got me hooked on the Harry Bosch mysteries by Michael Connelly.  I'm reading those from first to last.


We have two printers.  One upstairs and one downstairs. 



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I'm sure I've bought things that weren't what I expected them to be, but my mind is not coming up with any examples at the moment.


I don't dress up for Halloween. Or I dress up like a homeschooling mom for Halloween. Whichever. ;)


DH and I are currently (re)watching Stargate: Atlantis on Amazon. My current show for when DH is away and the kids are either gone or asleep is Chuck (also a rewatch). Books, I'm reading this book on the history of algebra, which I'm enjoying but wouldn't call an addiction. :)


Pretty sure we've had a printer for the entire course of our marriage, barring brief periods when one died and we got a replacement. I have so many pdf-based things for homeschooling, I don't know how I would do it without a printer!

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I didn't know hubby had to have kids somewhere to set up for a party at 2pm. But at least he's OUT of the house

on non-work-search-related activity. They are gone for the next several hours so I am enjoying some peace and quiet.

Going to hang out here for the next hour and half or so, enjoying the quiet; then I'm going to run errands: mail a care package

to a friend going through chemo, buy some packing tape, and possibly go to a Fine Arts Festival happening in a neighboring town.


What's on your schedule this afternoon?

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