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The Teachers Lounge 10-27-2016


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The Lounge is now OPEN.


Sorry for being a total slacker today. I didn't even THINK about opening the lounge until now. Wow.

Told you having dh home is distracting. PLUS next month is NaNoWriMo and Thursday mornings are my writing mornings

so I was in prep mode for that. AND we went out early to shop for ds's jeans he needs for an upcoming performance.

After that I needed a nap. Whew!


Now that I have a few minutes before we get started on our WriteShop (English/composition) lesson, I can chat with you all for a bit!


Plans for the weekend? Here: tomorrow night kids volunteered to help with a Halloween Party where they take tae kwon do. Saturday, I have guard card renewal training (I'm a security guard), and the family is going to Western Night at our church that night. Sunday I hope we get to rest a little bit but I may go shopping with a friend, we'll see. You?


Any suggestions for meals that don't contain wheat or corn? I'm putting together our November menu and need some ideas! I do subscribe to eMeals but also like to know what other people have come up with.


Anyone know where I can get a good (inexpensive) deal on a double boiler? I've just started getting into cultivating and blending herbs and that's one piece of equipment I need. But with hubby still laid off from his job, I need to spend those pennies wisely.


Talk to me! :bigear:



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It's been a "nailing Jello" sort of day here.  Whew!  I'm beat.......and I still have lots to do!



No plans for the weekend, except getting ready for Monday.  Oh, and grocery shopping.  The town is doing a bunch of Trunk Or Treat type things but I don't believe in them, so my poor children will feel all left out. (Not really ;) )


Have you tried a glass or metal bowl over a pot for a double boiler?  It's how I make mine when I need one.



Oh, and meals.....one of our meals this month is beef kabobs with a side of rice and salad.  Veggie kabobs only get eaten by me, so a few of those will be thrown on the grill, too.  No corn or wheat in them. :D

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Hey! Thought I would wander in to see what's happening. RE meals: We had chicken, butternut squash, and a salad the other night. You could also do chili over rice. We've had fish and veggie kabobs sometimes as well.


RE teaching: I just bumped my hormone-ridden, 8th grade boy down from Jacob's Algebra to Saxon 1/2 Algebra. He seems to have forgotten everything he ever knew.


We've got chorale dress rehearsals and performances the next two days and over the weekend. That's going to take most of our energy. DS still dresses up for Halloween. This year he is Sherlock Holmes. He only ever goes to our neighbors on our circle, so he is not that in to the holiday. 

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Today was a regular old school day. Dd got less done than I hoped, but did her work well. We wrapped up with reading picture books on the couch and writing haiku about the maple leaves in our backyard. 


This weekend:

Mom's 80th birthday is tomorrow - taking her out for lunch! 

Saturday - trip to CSA farm. Crockpot dinner.

Sunday worship, rest, jack-o-lantern carving and pumpkin seed toasting!


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I am now back from a massage. We have a lovely neighbor who also is a massage therapist ( who never charges us! ). So my son and I, since we've both been having muscle soreness issues were able to split an hour appointment with her today. He's over there right now.


I'm about to grab a cup of coffee and grade DD's 2nd attempt at an Algebra lesson. I may need two cups of coffee for that!



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