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Where to buy orange c-rods or what else to substitute

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Hi All,


DS8 is working on learning to multiply large numbers, by making rectangles with c-rods and hundreds flats, then regrouping units, tens, hundreds to get  a final answer.  The method works beautifully and he is totally getting it.  The trouble is we are forever needing more orange rods than we have.


Does anyone know where I can order more orange rods only (not full c-rod sets)?  Bonus if it's in Canada!


Alternatively, any clever hacks for substituting with something else for the orange rods?  I've been using popsicle sticks trimmed to length.  They work, but not ideal, fiddly to handle.  The only base ten rods I've been able to find are the same colour as our hundred flats (light

blue), and I'd like the to be able to visually discriminate the 10's from the 100's, so also not ideal.












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I would just buy base ten rods. You can spray paint them if you want, but by the time my kids got to that stage, it wasn't such a big deal that some of the tens were the "wrong" color.


I'd also go ahead and get a set of 100 flats and a 1000 cube while you're at it.

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