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Any new, fun math or science books?

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I'm already starting to think Christmas. I like to be ahead of things! My oldest loves the Life of Fred...he owns just about all of them now and the Horrible Histories and Science. My 2nd loved Murderous Maths. I am wondering if there is anything else out there I am unaware of?


I think I will order The Pun Also Rises for my pun-loving 16 year old and Science Matters for the 14 year old because he keeps reading it when I get it out of the library. But I am looking for more and better ideas, preferably light-hearted since they will be gifts. DS11 loves to know how things work, but doesn't seem to like the 'how things work' series.


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You have to go to Learners in Bloom blog and read about Lilac Mohr's book called "Math and Magic in Wonderland" - she has a whole math club on her blog. The two main characters are twin girls who go on a math adventure that has many challenges/puzzles within and at the end of each chapter. This book is great for boys and girls of any ages.

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