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Electric hand dryer


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Those of you who run small businesses or non profits and have a restroom, what electric hand dryer can you recommend?

I am on the board of our local women's community center. We go through tons of paper towels, and I need to look into electric dryers.

Any recommendations? Oh, and we're pretty broke. So the lovely air blade for 1k is out of our budget.

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because people frequently only run their hands  under the water, and don't actually use soap.


mythbusters had a fun time with this one.


eta: mythbusters tested the hands.  if people used soap - it didn't matter if they used paper towels or a blower to dry.  if they only used water - there was bacteria all over the area with the blower, as well as on the people's hands.


eta: as a patron - i like the dyson blower.  I have one place I patronize - their blower is incredibly pathetic, (i'm sure it was inexpensive.) and I'd rather have a paper towel.

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