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The Teachers Lounge 10-25-2016


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The Lounge is now OPEN!


Did ya miss me?? Sorry about not opening last week. Hubby was home all week, on the computer, because . . .

after we got back from our mountain vacation, we found out he'd been let go from his job!   :crying:

We're not exactly sure why as the company won't give him a straight answer. Those of you that pray, feel free to pray for us!


What's on the menu today? Here: lunch for me is beef and cheese rollups, plus an apple with peanut butter. Kids and hubby are on their own.


What's throwing you off schedule this week? Here: see above. Hubby is still home. I don't mind him being home; it's the tension in the air that throws things akilter.


What are you enjoying this week? Here: it's finally somewhat cooler here. Still waiting for our urban desert to figure out it's fall already!


Talk to me! :bigear:

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What a horrible shock, Scrap.  I hope that he can find something else soon. 


I'm cooking a gf frozen meal in the microwave as we speak.


Rocky (dog) is throwing me off today.  He just successfully came out of surgery to treat a cyst that suddenly got infected and nasty. 


We are having fall break this week and I hope to go to the science center tomorrow.  That is, if Rocky will let me. 

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Hi Scrap,

I will pray for your Dh to find a good job soon. Btdt and know how hard it can be!   :grouphug:


Lunch was frozen pizza and grapes.

Dinner is TBD. I have loads of veggies and a cooked chx. Soup, maybe. Except that it is unseasonably warm here - not soup weather. It was cool last weekend, but seems to have relapsed into summer this week. 


This week so far, nothing is messing with our schedule. Last week I gave my mom's 80th birthday party, so school and house stuff were all out of whack. We need a regular week! Enjoying a quiet day at home today, Catching up a little. 


I am enjoying the pretty leaves and the cool mornings and evenings. Also enjoying listening to the 3rd Harry Potter audiobook with the kids. And rereading a Cadfael novel or two. 




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