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MOTH for someone who's not particularly religious?

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I really don't think you would have a problem with MOTH. In Chapter 1, Teri Maxwell talks about a Biblical mandate for scheduling, and in Chapter 2, she shows how to schedule a quiet time, but those 2 chapters (totaling 10 pages) can be skipped. She does talk about prayer too. The majority of the chapters are about scheduling chores, babies, priorities, school, etc. Of course her schedule examples include Christian activities. I don't think you would be "lost" to anything in the book. It's very straight forward, but it is obviously written by a conservative Christian.

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I am a practicing but very liberal Christian, and I found MOTH helpful.


There are some statements (for example, "We need to recall that we are our husband's helpmeet--not the other way around") that made me grit my teeth on some days and laugh on others, but as long as you skip over those, there is a lot of helpful material.

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I'm not exactly liberal in my Christianity, but i do agree w/ Melinda that some parts of the book I disagreed with, lol. But i too found the whole method of scheduling to be fantastic, and her snippets here and there os hows and why's are encouraging. i listened to her speak at a conference in NY and really liked most of what she said --but again, i take what I like and leave the rest.


The great part is you can utilize it then resell it --it has a pretty good resale value. In fact, you might be able to find a used one that is missing some charts --which you probably don't need [i never used them --printed my own on the computer].


Good luck!

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