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Singapore Science curriculum

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I just came across Singapore Science, and I am in love with it! Anyone used it and can vouch that it's as fabulous as it looks? My son loved Singapore Math, finished through 6B and we moved on to AOPS. So I am assuming kid will equally love their science curriculum. We are scheduled to start chemistry after New Year, and I am thinking of switching it all to Singapore Chemistry.. It looks so lovely!




Any feedback?

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When I was looking at it ages ago, we decided against it. I heard it's hard to use just the student materials because it asks questions where the answers aren't in the student book (they would have been covered in class lectures/discussions/experiments, etc.). However, that the teacher materials are also not really homeschool friendly because they are so geared toward class use (and that for some levels they're even hard to get).


But hopefully someone will chime in with more insights. I know I read how some people really liked it and others were very disappointed. I know that the consensus was that it's not the stellar, easy to use product that Singapore Math is.

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oh bummer. It looks so amazing. I doubt my local hs store has it, would be interesting to flip through. Because it looks so kids friendly and understandable, i want to study too 😊


maybe somebody who actually used it will chime in.

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