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Ideas-Progressive dinner for college students


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We are hosting the dinner portion of a progressive dinner for college students on Saturday evening. I need some ideas! They will have appetizers and salad at another house before heading to ours. They will eat the main course at our house, then head to another house for dessert. I expect 8 students and they might be in costume although it is not a Halloween themed dinner, they just want to dress up.


Right now I'm making lots of soups, burrito bowls, and hash for my family but am thinking something fancier would be better. I'm having difficulty coming up with unique ideas, not too filling yet substantial enough for college boys.


My current favorite soup is a chipotle chicken soup. I thought about serving that and fish tacos, but I'm not sure.

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I consider soup an appetizer, so they might be having soup at the first house.


My first thought was a pasta bar.  It is filling and fairly inexpensive.  A lasagna or pasta casserole, plus pasta with two or three choices of sauce.  Breadsticks.  Meatballs and/or Italian sausage.


I've actually been considering hosting some college students that I know and this is the menu that I would do.

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Can someone explain the reason for doing these? I know what you do but why do you do travel from house to house? Our church has done these for the youth group and I just never understood.



I have no idea the reasoning behind it but my church has been doing it for at least 30 years. The last house is dessert (in the past it's been at our building) and all the groups meet there. When we have hosted in the past there have been 50 college kids divided among 5 groups. I think it gives the kids a chance to have a sit down meal and get to know families they may not otherwise meet. If they go to more houses, they meet more people?

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We have done progressive dinners in the past, and usually the kids have eaten a lot before the actual dinner part of the dinner, so no need to have rack of lamb or anything! I think your plan to have soup and tacos sounds awesome. Want to share the recipe??


I love this soup recipe! I try not to make it too often so I don't burn my family out:




I've made these fish tacos a couple times, I love it and it's really similar to fish tacos I had in downtown Cincinnati once, my husband prefers beef tacos so we are more likely to have those when we have tacos: http://www.chowhound.com/recipes/basic-fish-tacos-29193

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