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S/O My thread on our ZenniOptical.com purchase - Lenses for Childrens glasses and Rimless glasses


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When we ordered the glasses for DD the Zenni web site recommended a $9.00 upgrade, which we selected, for "Lens: 1.59 Polycarbonate Single Vision".Those are the most Impact Resistant lenses Zenni Optical sells and they recommend them for Rimless glasses (which is what DD selected) and for glasses for children.


If you order glasses for children, please consider that $9.00 upgrade for their glasses.

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They need an option for stronger screws/hinges, that's the part I always have issues with.


I read  *lots* of reviews, and  I did see a few who mentioned nose pads or hinges. I think more nose pads than hinges.   The vast majority seemed very happy with the $6.95 glasses  I am going to have made into non-prescription sunglasses, the next time my wife and DD order from Zenni, and the glasses that my wife and DD just received.  I try to look at the Best Sellers and the ones with the highest ratings (the more reviews the better).  

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