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Need self-paced instruction in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PP)

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My son learned by just using them (trial and error). Eg.

PowerPoint - initially made slideshows for homeschool presentations and learned to use the design tools to make a family crest.

Word - used for writing poems, short stories, lab reports, and compositions before switching to Google Docs for essays.

For Excel programming, he used a course from Udemy.com

Udemy has lots of techie courses available.

There are also plenty of tutorials on you tube.

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I've heard nothing but good things about Lynda.com 


If you or someone you know has a linkedin account & opt in to promos, they sometimes send out promos. Dh got a 30 day free trial recently (as opposed to the 10 day freebie they have on the site). 

One advantage of lynda.com is that it's quite widely recognized in the business world. If you're looking to boost a resume as well as get skills, lynda looks good on a CV. 

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My kids learned by having projects that required the use of the software. They learned by trying and figuring things out.

Word - for writing all writing assignments and creative writing

PPT - for presentations on content subjects. It took 5th grade DS one morning to make his first presentation. They learn finer points by doing more.

Excel - calculations in science lab

It just gets incorporated into all other subjects.


That's also how we adults learned to use any consumer software, how we learned to program, how DH learned to do parallel computing and network administration: by having a task to complete and figuring it out.

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